Hi! I’m Kiki, I’m 18 and i live in Central California :3 I’m Pansexual and i’m single, and im honestly, totally down for a LDR or something and i dont mind dating people i meet off the internet haha, my best friend met her (now ex-) boyfriend online and they dated like two years. I love to travel, and i love to go backpacking and rafting, even though ive only been rafting once, i love hiking and i love animals too. I also really like music, my taste ranges more toward Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, Three Days Grace, Attila, Asking Aexandria, All That Remains, The Amity Affliction, and Lamb of God to name a few <3

My blog is http://punky-chan.tumblr.com/

so come by and say hi. i dont bite… unless you want me to ;3

Can I use this site to hook up with anyone I find interesting?

As long as they give consent, why not??

Attention female followers located in Hawaii!!

If you’re from/live in Hawaii, please message us. Details will come in our reply. Don’t miss out on this. ;)